The Agenda of the Media and it's role in terrorism.

Regarding these hard times: I feel the media are tarring all Muslims with the same brush as these psychopathic bastards who attacked France last night.

This is the same media that want us to believe that 20,000 refugees will adversely affect a population of 65,000,000 people. The SAME media not so long ago would have us believe that all Irish people are IRA, and further back that Russians want to nuke us.

Truth is the news, the newspapers,  and the snakes who put the skew on the content out there are trying to (and I can not stress this next part enough, so I'm putting it in caps)  SELL YOU A PRODUCT.

It is in the interest of the privately owned and ran media to fuck your brain into submission. To allude to,  and play up certain "facts" so people buy their newspapers and watch their channels, and keep their sponsors happy with bountiful advertising revenue. They are unscrupulous in their greed.

The organisation orchestrating the attacks last night knows this too, and are using the greed of the media corporaions and the indoctrination of the media consumers to their own ends, to force us apart.  To make colleagues, and neighbours, friends and in some cases families distrust and ultimately kill each other.

If you have a God,  pray.

If like me you don't, life dealt me the gifts of empathy and sympathy.  Both of which are with our neighbours France.

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