Paris Terror Attacks: Killing is NEVER Justified

Killing is wrong. Its bad when you have to open with that, but I think everybody would agree with the sentiment. 

Whether you're a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist or whatever... The notion that murder is bad is bigger than any religion. It's basic human morality. 

Only the sick and twisted would celebrate the events that occurred in Paris, when terrorists gunned down over 120 innocent people in cold blood. 

The overwhelming majority of people were horrified by the events beamed into our living rooms. The unnecessary slaughter, the bloodshed, the lives lost. 

Moments like this stick in the public consciousness and shape public opinion. 9/11 was the turning point that launched two wars and began the stripping of civil liberty in exchange for the illusion of "safety". 

One can only wonder what the effects of the Paris attacks will be. 

Increased surveillance powers will be a guarantee. The UK government will push through the snoopers charter and undoubtedly table a motion to join the bombing campaign in Syria.

There is an old maxim "when you point the finger remember there are three fingers pointing back at you." What this means in practice is the traits we dislike in others are the things we like the least about ourselves. 

Killing is wrong. And can never be justified. Whether it's when Al Qaeda flew the two planes into the World Trade Centre or the million innocent civilians killed during the illegal invasion of Iraq.  

They'll try and convince you its different. That "we" only kill the "bad guys". That Daesh, the so called Islamic State are the baddies and we're trying to do what's "right."

But what is "right"? It's a subjective idea. Nobody wakes up and thinks today I'm going to do "wrong". Every action we take has to be justified to ourselves first otherwise we wouldn't do it.

The terrorists who attacked Paris would have thought their actions were right, that they were standing up for their beliefs against a stronger and more powerful nation which challenges their belief system.

Let us not forget that France is one of the many countries bombing the Syrian people. Lebanon suffered revenge attacks and it looks increasingly likely that the Russian plane bought down over Sinai was also the work of ISIS. 

There will be those who say "we must bomb them more" like that works. We've been bombing the Middle East for over a decade and its only making things worse. 

The people of Iraq and Syria see scenes like these everyday. Of innocent blood running down their streets. They point to us and say "they are the bad guys". 

Killing is wrong no matter what flag you hide behind. Let's put down the weapons and try fighting with love. 


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