Republicans refuse to Help the Needy because they're Racist

US President Barack Obama's decision  that the United States will take in some 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year has been met with scorn by the Republican party.

Some 31 states, including Alabama, Michigan and Texas have refused to accept refugees from the Syrian conflict citing security concerns. They fear that jihadi extremists will sneak in to the country under the cover of refugees and inact terrorist attacks on American soil. Interestingly all but one of these 31 states have republican governors. Perhaps if we were talking about refugee foetus' the Republicans would show a little more compassion.

Turning away refugees is disgusting. These are people who are fleeing persecution and war in their own lands. A war that we have to accept a level of responsibility for instigating. Just saying “Sorry, go back to Assad” frankly isn't good enough. It's the literally the same as sending Jews straight to Hitler (which America also did to Anne Frank.)

Helping people = good.
Not helping people = bad
Not helping because of prejudice = double bad.

Not helping someone because of their skin colour or religion is exactly the type of thing America is supposed to stand against. The whole “all men are created equal” is part of the Declaration of Independence. It doesn't say all men are created equal except Muslims, or Syrians, or slightly brown people. That's not very Christian.

Jesus would be spinning on the cross.

This phenomenon is not exclusive to the United States. Governments around the world on the “right” side of Politics are using the recent terrorist atrocities in Paris as an excuse to deny refuge to those displaced by the Syrian conflict. In Europe far-right parties such as the Front National and the UK Independence Party have called for the closing of borders and restriction of movement.

If you live in America you're more likely to be murdered by a child with a machine gun than an Islamic fundamentalist. Forget about ISIS killing people on the streets: the American police have killed more civilians on US soil than terrorists.

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