Is David Cameron risking ALL of our lives?

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron claims that security services have prevented seven terror attacks on UK soil in the last six months yet continues to push for increased surveillance powers. It suits governments to have us in a state of fear - we allow them ever greater intrusions into our lives without questioning it. 

Cameron urged vigilance in the UK and said a Mumbai-style multiple-target terror attack, such as had now also been seen on the streets of Paris, could happen in London. But what about say... Manchester?

In October this year the government was criticized for the use of snipers posted on rooftops during the Tory Party conference as Anti-Austerity protesters marched below. The official line from the government at the time was "oh, they were purely for observation". Is it possible that David Cameron was aware of a potential terrorist attack on the conference and did nothing to warn the 60,000 people protesting in the streets below?


Cameron continues to bang this drum about "National Security" and how only the Conservative Party can be trusted to defend the UK from terrorist threats. The chancellor, George Osborne, has promised to double spending on cyber security and  the government will do more to protect firms and individuals from the threats posed by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) and other terrorist groups.

That sounds good. Until you consider the proposed 5% cut to police budgets which would lead to the loss of around 5,000 police officers and as Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan police commissioner said "put public safety at risk.”

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