Bombing Doesn't Stop Terrorists, it Creates Them.

After the attacks in Paris on Friday the French launched a series of airstrikes in Syria dropping twenty bombs on key ISIS strongholds.

They are reporting that this attack had zero civilian casualties. Good going that. Especially when you consider that the US drone strikes kill on average 28 unknown people, including women and children, for every one "bad guy" they go after.

When it's Bashar Al-Assad barrel bombing his own people its a terrible crime but when it's France or the US raining bombs its a different story. Killing is wrong. No matter which flag its hiding behind.

Fighting fire with fire rarely works. In this case it'll play right into the hands of ISIS. It will play directly into the West vs Islam narrative and drive more people into an extremist ideology.

Imagine you come home from work to find your home destroyed, smoke still rising from the flaming corpses of your wife and children, your whole family killed by a US air strike. Who do you blame?

Bombing doesn't stop terrorists, it creates them.

It's a never ending cycle. An eye for an eye and all that. You killed my family so I'll kill yours. That will never lead to a peaceful resolution.

If we want to see an end to civilian deaths then the solution has to be a political one. It would appear that policy is moving towards this end with talks at the G20 summit of negotiations with Assad and rebel forces in Syria about some sort of hand over of power.

The removal of Assad won't bring about an end to ISIS directly but ending the civil war and establishing a united Syria is a good first step to riding the country of these terrorist fuck bags.

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